Biddable Media Topics and Techniques

Biddable media, in essence, is the ability to secure space for advertising through competitive bidding. Biddable media topics and techniques are what allows an advertiser to have an edge over their competitors. Especially when it comes to promoting or advertising products. In this blog, a multitude of ways of advertising online using Google ads will be shown. And how each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.

Identify the Purpose

As mentioned before, in other posts on this blog, being able to identify the purpose of your website and what your audience desires should be the focal point before making any kind of executions when it comes to purchasing. First, understand and utilize the information, ask yourself questions, find the most cost-effective and method of advertising, then execute. Be aware of the amount of traffic a keyword generates, the variability of the keyword and the frequency of the keyword used.

How it works.

Biddable Media Examples in the Real World

If we take the Superbowl for example, many people are eager to watch the commercials. Advertisers have the opportunity to bring mass awareness to their products that they normally would not be able to reach on any other day. The Superbowl brings everyone together and it is the perfect time to advertise. The slots for a 30-second commercial ranges from $30000 up to $2 million according to Wikipedia. This means securing the space so you have the best timeframe which also includes the most engagement from the viewers. To learn more about Google ads and how it is used, check this blog post. If you want to see more posts on biddable media topics and techniques or Michigan undergraduate digital marketing program schools, visit my main page!

Biddable Media Topics and Technique: Video Marketing

With technology being the hub source for the majority of advertising potential, businesses and advertisers have to compete for slots in the form of bidding. This is another form of biddable media and a great technique.

Examples of Video Marketing in Biddable Media

One prime example is the Super Bowl A 30-second slot can cost over millions and the companies that have that kind of ad budget will use it to promote their brand. Take YouTube for example, at one point in time videos were free to watch without any advertisements and then suddenly it was implemented. Why? Because there is potential to make money. Facebook is another great site to do video campaigns. If you create a successful video campaign, through the means of shares and tags and comments your ad can become a lead generating machine without you having to spend a large amount of money.

How much will the companies spend?

Companies will spend millions in video marketing to make sure their product resonates with the customers. Advertisers are then able to refine and tweak the video campaigns from the analytics they receive which translates to a more optimized ad campaign. In conclusion, if you want your video ad to stand out you need to find where the customers hang out. You must do research on your prospects and your potential competitors if you want to leave your mark. A successful video ad can self promote while you receive free organic traffic.

If you want to learn more about how biddable media works, there are numerous videos online. They can help show you more techniques and topics.