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On-Site SEO

Onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ability to optimize one’s website for a higher ranking within a search engine. This is done by fixing, revamping, and rewording content on a page or blog post. This allows the site to becomes a more relevant search with more traffic that reflects the keywords typed. This gives a better understanding of the user to know what the site is about and if it aligns with their needs. It also shows the search algorithm that your site contains valuable information to users and therefore will push your website to rank higher along with more organic traffic.

How It Works

While enrolled in one of the top Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs, one can come to learn of many benefits of Onsite SEO. As previously stated, Onsite SEO enables a website to be more relevant to searched keywords. This is not so much about how keywords are searched in various search terms (mentioned in keyword research blog-click here-) but what kind of content the website has that can cater to a user. This gives a gauge on what the site needs to improve on, what content it can add that best suits a user’s interest and give you a better understanding of what type of users your website is attracting.

“Proper on-site SEO also helps users quickly and clearly understand what a page is about…”

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How can you use Onsite SEO?

If you have a blog site, information site or an eCommerce website, then using Onsite SEO is most certainly the way to go. If your website is not ranking as high or you believe that you have good content that can help a user, then Onsite SEO is the way to go. You can gain information by looking at what users search for and see where your website ranks amongst those terms. Maybe your site does not provide enough keywords that people search for, thus ranking your page below. Maybe your website is full of ads, popups, offers which negatively impacts a user’s time on the website, therefore telling google that the site is not reliable and ranking it to the bottom of search results.

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