Display Advertising

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Another branch of digital marketing is Display Advertisement. These ads are prominent in places with high traffic sites such as the Wall Street Journal, World Star Hip-Hop, TMZ, GameSpot, just to name a few. You will see them everywhere from the header, to the column side, or at the bottom of the page. They are recognizable as they are published by companies such as Rev Content, Taboola, and Smartlook.

Google AdWords

Google has its own network where it handles all the advertisements within its site. It is called Google AdWords. Google AdWords has two networks. One is Search Network and the other is Display Network. Search Network handles all the text ads the businesses would like to come up in search engine results. Display Network handles all the image display ads the businesses would like on numerous sites.

Good and Bad Sides of Display Ads

Some of these display ads are potential scams and are prone to having viruses. On the other hand, some have very interesting titles that make you click the link. In this case, it could be an interesting read that captivates your attention. These types of posts usually have a ‘CONTINUE’ button which when you click, it pops up with an ad. As you continue to read, the content creator gets paid every time you click ‘CONTINUE’, which is all thanks to the creative display ad.

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