Michigan Undergraduate Digital Marketing Programs

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, quoted from this Hubspot article, “…encompasses all marketing efforts that use…the internet”. More specifically, this includes search engines, social media, and other websites. Digital marketing is a growing field. Digital marketing is important for numerous companies. Hence, there are numerous undergraduate digital marketing programs in Michigan.

What are the best Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs?

In addition to knowing what digital marketing is, one has to know where to study it. There are a handful of digital marketing programs in the U.S. Michigan has most of the digital marketing programs. Furthermore, there are three schools that have the best curriculum.

1. University of Michigan – Dearborn

College of Business, UM-Dearborn

UM-Dearborn has the best Michigan undergraduate digital marketing program. The program allows students to do digital marketing as a major or as a minor. Thus, making UM-Dearborn the top digital marketing program. For those who wonder what classes are taught in the program, here is a sample list: MKT 363, MKT 454, MKT 455, MKT 458, and MKT 463.

Also, there are two more universities that provide programs as well.

2. Eastern Michigan University

College of Business, EMU

Here is a sample list of classes in the digital marketing program at EMU: MKTG 261, MKTG 239, MKTG 339, MKTG 239, MKTG 360, MKTG 361, MKTG 363, MKTG 360, and MKTG 365.

3. Western Michigan University

College of Business, WMU

Finally, here is a sample list of classes in the digital marketing program at WMU: CIS 2900, CIS 3900, MKTG 3710, MKTG 3730, and MKTG 4791.

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What is Digital Marketing?

In essence, digital marketing is the ability to promote and advertise services, products, and businesses to the audience in the form of technology. In the past, marketing was done through means of television commercials, newspaper ads, and big billboards. Those days are practically over and a new form of marketing has arrived through means of electronics. No one bothers to look at newspapers or look at billboards because the majority of the people are now on their phones.

An example of Digital Marketing

Let’s take a brick and mortar fashion store for example. People nowadays look for convenience and instant gratification. So, in order to provide these needs, a business must adhere to them. Creating an online shop will keep the retention of customers as they shop from the comfort of their own home. If businesses are promoting their service or products through worth-of-mouth, newspapers, and billboards, they might as well shut down the business. The business will gain little to no traction and audience engagement. Over 80 percent of people are now in the digital world. So, if businesses have something to promote it is best to do it online. It is also much more cost-efficient and can obtain copious amounts of data to better optimize digital marketing ads.

Digital Marketing in the Online World

Digital marketing comes in many aspects of the online marketing world. The prominent ones are search engine optimization and marketing. Which is basically allowing customers or people to find webpages easily. Google Analytics does the work in the back while all the businesses have to do is optimize the page for it to remain on the first page consistently. If they are able to rank on the first page for keywords using these forms of marketing, then they will be successful in creating ads effortlessly.

If you want to learn more about the undergraduate digital marketing programs in Michigan, please check out the universities above. The universities listed are the best in the program. All three are very supportive of their students. And provide top-notch courses.