The “Ad”vantage in Google Ads

Google Ads are everywhere.

Ever wonder how did the ads at the top of your search results get there? Or ever heard of Google Ads?

One can be positive that you have, on occasions, searched for something and saw an ad or two on the top of the searches. Or if you are in an undergraduate digital marketing program, you have learned about this in your classes.

How do the ads work?

Pay-per-click or PPC is essentially what we know as paid Google Ads. What this is, are ads that resemble similarities to the keyword search you provided, which in turn Google puts paid ads at the beginning of all search results. This allows companies and businesses to generate more leads, traffic, and engagement to the site and potentially turn the user into a habitual visitor or customer. Generally, every time the link is clicked, Google gets paid. The PPC can vary depending on how competitive the market is and how often the particular keyword is searched. Many times you will see the same link that is a paid or sponsored google ad appear on the first 5 top searches as a regular search.

Find out how to use Google Ads!

Now, let’s get into how Google Ads can be used. Paid search ads are used on various different things throughout the search engines. From products to promotions, to seeking counselors, doctors; anything you can think of. In some way, a business is trying to generate more leads. Doing a sponsored ad for the business is the best way to do it. Once a user presses enter, they are relayed with thousands of search results. And people only look at the first two pages at most. With the sponsored ads ranking as the very first, this can help businesses gain more traction from protentional users. Therefore, rendering more traffic and in the long run not require sponsored ads as much.

Use the “ad”vantage!

Lastly, if you own a product or a company Google Ads can be beneficial for you. If you want to use paid search ads for your business, then Google would be the perfect search engine for it. As Google ranks the highest in the most used search engine, it is a no brainer to advertise your business within their algorithm. Google Ads provides a site where you can create your ad step-by-step and control which locations you want the ad to reach. From there, you decide your budget on how much you want to spend daily for your ads. Google has also created a YouTube playlist of Google Ads tutorials for those who need any help and tips.

Overall, Google Ads is a major tool in gaining the upper hand in your own specific business. This resource provides many advantages to help advance your business, learn a biddable media topic, and learn a biddable media technique. 

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