Use that Keyword Planner!

Example of how the Google Keyword Planner looks like

What is a keyword planner?

Keyword research is a major resource when learning topics in an undergraduate digital marketing program. Keyword research and a keyword planner is a fundamental tool that provides popular keywords used on a search engine. It is highly recommended to do keyword research to figure out what phrases and keywords are highly searched and can be implemented on one’s website. This will allow a website to generate organic traffic based on the keyword search and rank the website higher within a search engine.

How to use a keyword planner?

Keyword research is used to drive more traffic to a website. It incorporates keywords that are frequently searched by people which lands them to suggested sites on the search engine that best suits their needs. The more relatable a keyword is to the website, the more traffic and engagement can be generated leading to a higher ranking. Keyword research is used amongst businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and so many other online affiliated sites. This is a great way to gauge what keywords work the best with the least expensive CPC.

Where can you find a keyword planner?

The ability to do keyword research is provided by many search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google, for example, has a toolbar called Google Ads, which allows people to type in strings of keywords that they want to research. It is free to do so and can provide a lot of knowledge on the particular search. Everyone has different ways of searching for the same thing and it is your job as the researcher to find those keywords that have a lot of volumes.

Example: Dealerships

One example could be a business that resales new and used cars. To promote one’s business, one needs to find out what people look up on a search engine when it comes to purchasing a car. Keywords such as “best-used cars”, “cheap cars with good mileage”, “low monthly lease deal for used cars” “new sports car under $40000” are all viable keyword options.  What you want to do from here is now narrow down to the best possible keyword options and add them to a list with categories pertaining to such results. With trial and error, one can master this is no time.

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