What are these video ads for?

Digital Marketing: Video Marketing

YouTube Ads

When you are watching videos on YouTube or a show on tv, eventually an advertisement pops up usually in the form of a video advertisement.  Video ads are prevalent in today’s marketing schemes. It has a much better audience response than a regular ad. Take the “Nike Women: Better For It” advertisement, for example. The meaning behind this particular ad is who it is trying to target. The title alone gives away the answer. In this ad, rapport was initiated with women in gym settings that have inner thoughts. As well as, questions regarding themselves and their surroundings. With collages of women self- contemplating their beliefs, the short ad ends with these women reaching their goal. Feeling motivated to move on to the next challenge as the final message.

Versatility of Videos

From the previous example, video marketing is versatile to be used for everything from promoting your business, branding, customer service, and products. Video marketing is also a great way to have past customers give testimonials of their experience with the service. In consequence, that can definitely boost audience engagement and conversions.

How to achieve a great video ad!

Today, every business is looking to get the upper hand in brand awareness and business growth. Which any business should be doing. The problem is, businesses have to stand out and leave an everlasting impression. Which in hand, brings the customer back unconsciously. In order to succeed in creating a powerful video ad, businesses must do a few things.

1. Make sure the advertisement is sweet and simple.

The attention span of humans is at an all-time low with distractions in every aspect of a person’s life. The video should be anywhere between 15 seconds to about 1 minute and 30 seconds, depending on what platform you choose to promote. Make the video too short and it can lead to a lack of understanding for the audience. Make the video too long and it can make them feel irritated. Which, will cause them to click off before you even deliver your message.

2. Make sure the advertisement is engaging!

This should be obvious, right? If the advertisement looks like a 3rd graders lemonade stand flyer and the quality as abysmal as an android, then it’s better to save the ad money for something else. If the audience is not engaged with clean and unique visuals and sounds, their attention will not be caught. Audiences love to be given the option to choose what happens within an advertisement video. This can be a great strategy to use in a video ad.

3. Make sure to have a story.

Finally, always have a story entailed with the video ad campaign. A story tends to keep the audience engaged and builds rapport. This can help the audience build a personal connection with the advertisement. It plays within their emotions and ill most likely keep them watching.

Ready, set, RECORD!

In order to succeed, a businesss must know what they want to encompass in the video, how they want to tell it, and where do they want it to be. Last but not least, analytics. If considering doing a video campaign, always keep track of the video ad and see how well it’s performing. Look for engagement and the retention rate of the video ad. Look for click throughs, bounce rates, to get an understanding on how to proceed forward with it.

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