What is Google Skillshop?

Ever Heard of Google Skillshop?

Google Skillshop is a one-stop hub online training facility provided by Google. This encompasses all tools, features, and products provided by Google for use by companies and individuals. Some of the courses provided by Google include; Google Ads manager, Waze Academy, Youtube, Analytics Academy and many more. For those that are looking to get an edge on the competition and those who are a novice in this field, it is recommended that you navigate through the skillshop to sharpen your marketing edge.

Benefits of Google Skillshop

Furthermore, this is a great way to take control of the accounts that were administered by third parties. This is because you are managing the accounts instead of relying on others. Enhancing your Google marketing education will allow you to optimize your business. This will cause you to be more cost-effective with advertising.

Become Certified

The skillshop provides certifications as it is an essential part of the course. The best part about this is that it is completely free and each course does not take longer than a week, depending on the person’s experience level. The courses also go through different difficulty modules from basic to advanced, which can be done at your own pace. Registration is very simple. If you do not already have an account with Google, be sure to make one and check out the skillshop at https://skillshop.withgoogle.com/

Learn About More Other Google Sites!

If you are interested to learn more about other sites or courses that offer Google certifications, be sure to check out this page where it talks about programs including certifications.

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