What’s Going On with Off-Site SEO?

Off-Site or Off-Page SEO involves these items.

What is it? Off-Site SEO is the addition of website promotions through external factors such as social media and links from other sites. This helps build credibility, authenticity, and trust in one’s website and can help rank the website tremendously. This can be considered a major biddable media technique. In Google’s eyes, links that redirect back to your site from credible websites are considered trustworthy. If it comes from non-credible or non-high ranking sites then google will deem it unfit as trustworthy and therefore rank the site in the lower searches. Sites will provide you with a link that redirects back to your site as informative and valuable, rendering google to think that it is trustworthy.

How can I use Off-Site SEO? If your content and site seem credible and have quality traffic, then appearing on other sites or social media as a guest can be beneficial. This will lead to exposure to new users that have interest pertaining to what your site has to offer. As more people visit the site and remain on the site, google will validate it as a credible website, thus ranking it higher amongst the searched terms.

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